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LED Suspended Poster Display Kits

Product overview

This is the most popular display system within our entire light pocket range which you'll often seen in window display areas. High streets, towns, cities and surrounding locations are all typical of where you might find them, often being referred to as an LED window display, although various wall mounting options are available. They can be mounted in your shop window, to an interior wall, or at various other suitable locations within the room. They're often considered to be the posh alternative to the regular non-lit wire suspended poster display systems.

Estate agents use them to present properties for sale to potential buyers. Businesses and establishments of all types will benefit from using these displays because of the considerable visual impact they have due to their ultra-bright (high luminosity) and overall elegant appearance.

Light Pocket Kits - Portrait
LED Illuminated Light Pockets - Portrait Layouts Category Selection
Light Pocket Kits - Landscape
LED Illuminated Light Pockets - Landscape Layouts Category Selection

When should I choose single-sided?

Single-sided design

Double-sided design

Single-sided lightbox units mounted against the wall in a reception
Single-sided lightbox units mounted against the wall, but by using the floor to ceiling fixing options.
LED pockets in a letting agent's window - looking left from inside the room
Letting agent window double-sided LED light-pocket display.

Multiple width window mounted designs

1 Single compartment wide

2 or 3 Compartments wide

Illustrations of estate agent’s property cards

Estate agent’s properties for sale being presented in our various illuminated light-pocket display units. Other common uses include travel agent windows, beauty salons, bars and restaurants. It’s somewhat of a misnomer to assign any market sector’s name to our cable display systems as their actual name for the product. We’ve included several photos which show different applications including a wall mounted display in joinery firm’s reception, and a yacht broker’s window display.

Single width portrait LED pocket
Single width PT LED pocket
Double width portrait LED pocket
Double width PT LED pocket
Triple width portrait LED pocket
Triple width PT LED pocket
Single width landscape LED pocket
Single width LS LED pocket
Double width landscape LED pocket
Double width LS LED pocket

Display mounting options

Horizontal & Vertical combinations

The cable wires themselves always hang vertically. However, the cable kit end fixings can either be mounted vertically orientated or at any angle from 0 degrees to approximately 135 (45 degrees past horizontal) degrees via our optional wall mounted fixings.

  1. Floor to ceiling
  2. Wall to wall
  3. Ceiling to wall
  4. Floor to wall
  5. Angled example
Cable display system mounting options