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Hook-on Posters - Cable & Rod System

Product overview

The acrylic poster holders which hang from the 6mm diameter steel bars are interchangeable, which means 1 landscape hook-on pocket can be swapped for 2 portrait pockets (and vice versa) because the same amount of space is being occupied both horizontally and vertically. This is because the width of any given ‘A’ size in a landscape orientation is double the width of the next ‘A’ size smaller in a portrait orientation.

Conveniently change the posters at your desk if so desired, or simply whilst standing beside the display where it’s mounted i.e. your shop window display area or against an interior wall. You can also swap the acrylic holders from a window display to a wall display (and vice versa) because they’re essentially the same display system.

Why are wall mounted fixings available for window displays?

Sometimes the window recess is too narrow to comfortably fit the cable end fixings in place, or the window frame itself is manufactured from a relatively fragile material, or perhaps it’s difficult to determine what lies beneath the surface and you don’t want to risk causing damage by drilling into the frame.

Which type for a wall mounted display?

Typically, if you require a display that is relatively narrow compared to its height, for example 2 posters wide by 3 high, then it’s probably better to choose a cable suspended display kit. Whereas if the opposite is the case, for example 6 wide by 2 high, then it’s probably better to choose a wall mounted display. The reason for this is because of how inefficient it is having only 1 or 2 pockets high hanging from the bars after having mounted numerous cable kits side by side.

Window & Wall Hook-on Posters
Cable suspended hook-on poster holders
Wall Mounted Hook-on Posters
Wall mounted hook-on poster holders

Custom size and bespoke hook sections

Rod diameter larger than 6mm

When we manufacture the hook-on poster pockets, a hook shaped section is heat formed at the top of the sleeve body. By default, we produce these acrylic holders to hang from 6mm diameter steel rod, and therefore you cannot simply hang them from larger diameter rod. Furthermore, if you were to hang them from 6mm (or thinner) rectangular steel bar, then although the width of the hook opening would physically fit, the visible height of the poster would be obscured by the amount the bar extended downwards beyond 6mm.

Therefore, if you’re not purchasing a complete display kit, and instead you’re only purchasing the plastic pockets, please make sure your existing steel rod is no larger than 6mm diameter or else it won't fit.

Rectangular bar section

Typically, steel bar is more often rectangular as opposed to square in section. Examples of steel bar we’ve produced hook sections to fit include 8mm thickness x 15mm high, and 12mm thickness x 30mm high. Theoretically there is no limit with respect to fabricating (heat forming) a bespoke section, but practically it won’t make good sense beyond certain size limits because the acrylic holder would become too bulky and potentially fragile as a result.

Hook-on poster window display
Hook-on Poster Window Display
Hook-on poster wall display
Hook-on Poster Wall Mounted Display

Removing & Replacing the poster advertisement

The paper can be changed very easily which takes only a matter of seconds.

Simply flex apart the two acrylic faces and remove the poster by using one hand to pull back the rear acrylic face, whilst at the same time using the other hand to grab the poster and slide it out of the sleeve.

Cable mounting options

The cables themselves always hang vertically. However, the cable kit end fixings can either be mounted vertically orientated or at any angle from 0 degrees to approximately 135 (45 degrees past horizontal) degrees via our optional wall mounted fixings.

  1. Floor to ceiling
  2. Wall to wall
  3. Ceiling to wall
  4. Floor to wall
  5. Angled example