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Privacy Policy

Your Payment Card Details

Card payment details (except the billing address) are not recorded by GTM Plastics Ltd for any transaction payment method, which includes payments made via the website and payments made over the phone.

A 3rd party fully certified gateway company processes all transaction card information, which includes payments made via the website and payments made over the phone.

Your Billing & Delivery Information

Your billing and delivery information is recorded as part of the transaction record. This is required for invoice purposes and in case either us or the customer needs to refer to the order at a later date.

Checking out as a guest

No username or password is registered.

Checking out as a returning customer

A username and password are registered and recorded.

Your password is hashed before being added to your customer registration details. Hashing passwords is a process used by numerous businesses whereby the password itself is converted to an unreadable sequence of characters. The hashing process is irreversible, unlike encryption which can ultimately be reversed. Because the hashing process is irreversible it means you cannot retrieve your password if forgotten, and therefore a new password would need to be registered.

Cookies - Basket Content

GTM initiates a regular / standard cookie for storing the products you add to the basket. This cookie is stored on your computer by the browser you're using to access our website. It is not stored by, or accessible to, any browser on your computer that hasn't accessed our website. In other words, the cookie set is per browser.

GTM initiates a regular / standard PHP session ID which retains important - page variable state (such as the basket state and the "Show VAT" option setting) - whilst navigating from page to page. This state is disregarded when your browser session ends.

Google analytics is set up for our website, which means Google tracks how customers navigate through our website. We can then review this information to help us understand and improve user experience.

SSL Certificate - "Connection is secure"

Please click on the padlock in your browser's address bar to the left of our domain name to view details of our "Cookies" and "Certificate Information".