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About GTM Plastics Ltd

GTM Plastics was founded in July 2000 as a POS display systems manufacturer

As manufacturers we're able to provide the very best value for money at incredibly competitive prices. All production processes undergo vigorous quality control and inspection to ensure consistent high-quality standards.

We’re based in the United Kingdom and deliver to numerous European destinations including France, Spain and Germany.

Machinery & Equipment

CNC Routing - Edge Polishing - Heat Forming - Fabrication & Assembly, are some of the manufacturing processes we utilise in-house during production of our display systems.

Dedicated jigs and tooling are used to maximise accuracy and efficiency of machining processes and assembly techniques. Wood and MDF are especially useful when used for tooling purposes due to being relatively non-abrasive, lightweight, and perhaps not so obvious is the slightly porous nature of wood based materials which significantly limits the amount of moister that condenses onto the surface, unlike most metals commonly used in the engineering industry.

Quotations will be provided for the necessary setup costs involved where applicable for customers enquiring about any of our non-standard product range.

Custom sizes

Most of our standard products can be manufactured to customers unique requirements with respect to the physical dimensions of a display item. However, one exception to this is our LED illuminated lightbox system which requires the use of specialised equipment during manufacture. Due to expensive tooling costs it's unfeasible to reproduce such equipment for relatively low quantities of non-standard sizes.

Bespoke designs

Ultimately, we’re able to consider design and development of a broad range of displays manufactured from Perspex or any other brand of acrylic. We specialise in the fabrication of cast and extruded acrylic materials including clear, coloured and frosted sheets. PETG sheet is produced from a polyester plastic resin which can even be cold formed owing to its thermoforming properties. Polycarbonate is yet another specialised plastic we’ve worked with on occasion which is valued largely for its non-shatter characteristic and sheer high strength. ABS is a thermoplastic we’ve used to produce parts for the medical industry but is also suitable for producing POS display products.

Examples of bespoke product designs we’ve undertaken include XYZ CNC routing of inlayed letters inserted into their counterparts being of different colours. Non-standard shelving systems for wall mounting and slat-wall board. Display cases used to house valuable and sensitive items such as memorabilia and artefacts.

Business & Industrial Sectors

Estate agencies & Travel agents

We specialise in a variety of cable display systems which are the foundation for any successful window display used as a sign board style presentation. We have supplied numerous companies over the past 20 years with both internal wall and window display systems. We manufacture both the regular Non-lit type hanging poster sleeves and the far more sophisticated LED illuminated lightbox units. Long established estate agent franchises and small new growing businesses that are just starting out, will both significantly improve the appearance of their shop windows by using a modern aesthetically pleasing display system.

Retail POS displays

From your local corner shop to high-street stores and supermarkets, we manufacture a range of general display products for all kinds of display purposes. A variety of poster holders for displaying food & drink menus. Suspended shelving systems manufactured from both acrylic and glass which are perfect for window display areas. Free-standing poster support stands, photo frames, cube display panel connector system and much more!