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Illuminated Translucent Backlit Film

A person using their hands to remove backlit film from a light pocket
Illuminated backlit film placed within single-sided light-pockets being displayed in a yacht brokers window


Premium quality 220 micron backlit film, specially selected for its high translucent properties to produce super bright images.

Allows light to pass through to produce high illumination of the poster.

Print onto the film using your ordinary office printer.

Perfect for wall mounted (single-sided) and double-sided LED Window display solutions.

  • UV Immune (Images don't fade)
  • Sharp clear printed text and colour images
  • Anti curl & crumple 220 micron thickness
  • Tear proof sheets (only ever print once)
Product Code: FLM-INKJT-A4-10PK
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Product Details & Dimensions Measurement / weight
Film width 210mm
Film height 297mm
Total pack weight 0.2kg
Material 220 Micron backlit film
Price per sheet £0.752 Per sheet