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Snap Frame Displays

Our snap frames are designed to hide the screws and hinged mechanisms from view once your poster is locked into the frame, which is all just part of their elegant design. The aluminium frames are pre-drilled where applicable which means minimal work when fitting them. Each snap-frame arrives individually boxed, complete with screws, plastic plugs, and assembly instructions.

The designs aren’t dependent on orientation, which means they're equally well suited for displaying both portrait and landscape prints. The clamping action of the pivoting snap section combined with the soft gentle contrast of the anti-glare cover sheets secure your poster in place to produce a very stylish looking display.

For outdoor use we recommend using waterproof printing paper which also has the advantage of being less likely to crumple or tear.

Wall mounted snap frames with various profiles and colour options.

Regular Snap Frames
Regular wall mounted snap frames
Economy Snap Frames
Economy wall mounted snap frames
Security Snap Frames
Security wall mounted snap frames
Lockable Snap Frames
Lockable wall mounted snap frames

Free-standing countertop & Floor-standing snap frames

Countertop Snap Frames
Sloping acrylic poster holder
Adjustable Rotating Top - Fixed Height
Sloping acrylic poster holder
Adjustable Rotating & Tilting Top - Adjustable Height
Sloping acrylic poster holder