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LED Wall & Back-Panel (Backboard) Light Pockets

Product overview

This system allows you to mount pockets to the wall without needing to use cables. It has the advantage of appearing less cluttered due to the absence of seeing wires, but if you're producing your own custom layout then it does require you to be careful by making sure the hole positions are square and consistent. however, when purchasing one of our preconfigured wall mounted display kits, the holes in the Perspex back-panels (or backboards) are pre-drilled via CNC precision machining.

Businesses and establishments of all types will benefit from using these displays because of the considerable visual impact they have due to their ultra-bright (high luminosity) and overall elegant appearance.

Directly Mounted - Light Pocket Kits
LED illuminated poster pockets mounted directly onto the wall
Back-Panel Mounted - Light Pocket Kits
LED illuminated poster pockets mounted onto a wooden backboard

Multiple width wall mounted designs

1 Single compartment wide

2 or 3 Compartments wide

Single and double-width light pockets mounted onto a grey wall
LED light pockets mounted indoors directly onto a textured wall. Double and single-width display units.

Wall mounting directly ... vs Backboards

Light pockets directly onto the wall

Requires the wiring to be connected directly to the bottom two stand-off clamps at the point where the clamp's rear metal body section makes contact with the wall. This might be considered the more practical solution when mounting only 1 or 2 pockets, which is especially advantageous if they're being spaced apart from each other, and even more so when you have access to the opposite side of the wall.

  1. Cut narrow groves (chase) into the wall and bury the supply wires, which is more feasible when the room is undergoing an overhaul.
  2. Drill through and feed the supply wires to the other side if you have access, such as when mounting onto a partition.
  3. Use conduit to neatly house the wires in a straight line to a convenient point close to a plug socket.

Light pockets onto a back-panel (backboard)

The installation is more straight forward because the holes for the fixing screws are pre-drilled, enabling the light pockets to locate in position without having to worry about them becoming out-of-square. However, care still needs to be taken when mounting the back-panel itself.

Another advantage is that back-panels help mask uneven walls by bridging across all those humps and bumps that you sometimes see. This means even if the wall is a little scruffy, you can still produce a smart looking presentation.

  1. Significantly reduces the amount fitting work required because you only need to mark-out and drill holes for the backboard.
  2. Short wires connect each pocket in parallel behind the backboard which means they're relatively easy to keep hidden from view.
  3. Various coloured acrylic back-panels are available to choose from. Creating your own bespoke backboards is also an option.
A4 Illuminated poster displays on a silver back-panel mounted to an interior wall
A4 Portrait LED display units mounted to a silver acrylic back-panel - Fixed to the wall using stand-off fixings.