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Menu Holders - Tabletop & Wall Mounted

A selection of crystal-clear poster holders & leaflet dispensers manufactured from Perspex acrylic sheet and high-quality injection moulded polymers.

All our poster holders have the rear face extending all the wall to the base, which means the paper or card is supported from top to bottom, and therefore won’t curl or become wavy. The base of each free-standing type is nice and wide, which means when standing in position on your counter or tabletop for example, there’s minimal chance they’ll topple over.

Some of the designs are supplied with the protective film left on the finished products, so please make sure you remove the film before using them to display your posters.

Sloping Poster Holders
Sloping acrylic poster holder
Upright Poster Holders
Upright acrylic poster holder
Slatwall Poster Holders
Slatwall acrylic poster holder
Screw-Fixed Poster Holders
Screw-fixed acrylic poster holder
Sticky-Back Poster Holders
Sticky-back acrylic poster holder
Free-Standing Leaflet Dispensers
Free-standing leaflet dispensers
Wall Mounted Leaflet Dispensers
Wall mounted leaflet dispensers
Business Card Dispensers
Business card dispensers