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Product Discount Groups

Quantity discounts have been setup for certain products, and are applied based on the products in question: -

  1. Simply being the exact same product
  2. Sharing a fundamental characteristic

An example of point 2) above is both our Non-lit and LED Illuminated hanging window display systems, whereby the common characteristic is the physical size and orientation of the acrylic pocket, or light-panel centre body which resides at the heart of the unit’s construction.

Common Discount Group Example

Discount scenario in accordance with point 2) above

Product 1) Group: “A3-LED-LS-SW” corresponds to product code: A3-LED-LS-SW-DS-1x3

Product link for the above A3 landscape LED display kit: Illuminated LED Landscape Display - 1x3

Product 2) Group: “A3-LED-LS-SW” also corresponds to product code: A3-LED-LS-SW-DS-1x5

Product link for the above A3 landscape LED display kit: Illuminated LED Landscape Display - 1x5

Comparing the group to the first 4 parts of the product code reveals them to be identical, and therefore qualified to be in the same discount group.

This means if you order 1 of each of the above two display kits, the amount charged for each will be the price listed in the discounts table for a quantity of 2 for that particular item.

Economical productivity

Manufacturing efficiency is based largely on mass production of a given product. In turn the individual components that product consists of are also dependent on production quantities.

Therefore, when relatively large quantities of the above-mentioned light-panel are CNC machined and sold as part of a relatively large order, the price charged is calculated to take this into account. Likewise, the fabrication and assembly aspects also contribute to the quantity discount calculated.

The amount of discount applied scales proportionally to some extent. As part of our discount strategy we decided to reward customers when purchasing as few as just 2 display kits from the category used in the above example.

Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions regarding our product discounts.