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12V LED Driver (Power Supply)

Power supply with white body - unboxed revealing cables and connectors
Power supply with black body - unboxed revealing cables and connectors


White (black for 7.5A) plastic body with fixing lugs.

Short-circuit protection & current overload.

Includes 2 Year warranty and CE certification is provided.

LED Driver main features include:

  • Over current and short circuit protection
  • Accurate and stable output voltage
  • Efficient low ripple and noise
  • Minimal voltage drop at maximum load
  • Stylish case with operating led indicator
Product Code: LED-12V-5A-PS
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Product Details & Dimensions Measurement / weight
Plastic body width 60mm
Plastic body height 50mm
Plastic body length 130mm
Total weight 1.45kg

Power supplies ... Electrical connections

LED Drivers (Transformers)

The default power supply provided with all our display kits is a 12V 5A (60W) DC transformer (sometimes called an LED Driver) which comes with a 2-year warranty. Additionally, we have 12V 7.5A drivers available which are better suited for connecting multiple displays in parallel.

The two display drops of three - LED illuminated A3 landscape displays in the photo can be powered from a single 12V 7.5A driver.

  • PS body has fixing lugs which make it easy to mount
  • The discrete thin white wires are easily concealed
  • Connect multiple displays in parallel where preferred
  • Add additional lightbox units to an existing display

Standard UK mains plug

The power supply has a standard UK three pin mains plug at one end which plugs into the mains socket on your wall as usual, and a 12V positive and negative terminal connector at the other end. The photos to the right show the fixings attached to the bottom recess of the estate agent's window display.

The 12V connectors are most often attached to the very bottom of the cable wires where the bottom cable fixings are mounted to the floor or window recess, but they can instead be attached at the ceiling end which requires either mounting the PS against the wall high up, or placing the PS within the attic area if you have access.

Magically! the system doesn’t require having electrical wires feeding power to each display unit. Instead the low voltage electric current flows up and down the cables which are being used to suspend the units. The power then accesses the embedded LEDs via the clamps which attach the units in position between the cables.

Light pockets in an estate agent window - street view at night-time
A3 Landscape LED poster display in an estate agent window. 6 lightbox units powered by 1 x 12V 7.5A power supply.