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Cake & Confectionery - Display Stands


Cake display stands suitable for desserts, tarts, muffins, sweets and all the usual tasty treats for every occasion.

  • Precision CNC machined sections - Zero slack/play
  • Flat-pack design for safe and efficient transportation

Large Cake Stands: The vertical curved shaped sections have small tabs protruding downwards which located into the slots within the horizontal round platforms. You’re able to assemble them as just 1 layer if desired, or any number up to the full 4 tier display.

  • Supports cupcakes and medium size regular cakes
  • Display approximately 33 individual different size cakes

Cupcake Stands: The slots within each of the round support platforms locate and slide downwards onto the centre supporting interlocking uprights. When they reach the correct height, they automatically become very firm and stable whilst sitting in their resting position.

  • Supports cupcakes and small confectionery products
  • Display 9 individual small cakes or confectionery items
Product Code: CK-LG-RND-CL
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Product Details & Dimensions Measurement / weight
Tier 1 diameter 150mm
Tier 2 diameter 250mm
Tier 3 diameter 350mm
Tier 4 diameter 455mm
Weight 5.75kg
Material Perspex acrylic