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Regular Non-lit Cable Pockets

Window Display Poster Hanging Kits

If you’re looking for hanging poster holders (AKA frames) then look no further. These displays are sometimes referred to as window poster holders or displays, and commonly used to display properties for sale in estate agent windows.

In fact there are so many different names used to describe this type of display it can be quite confusing – window display kits, hanging poster kits, it makes no difference, they’re just different names for the same product.

Description: They're an assembly of acrylic poster sleeves, also known as easy access pockets, which are suspended in position between vertically hung cable. Each pocket is attached between the wires by using our chrome or satin mini clamps.

All components are included when purchasing a display kit from our pre-configured layouts, which arrive flat-packed when delivered. Separate parts are available which enable you to add to an existing display or produce a custom layout.

They're more commonly used as a window display, although they're designed and intended to be used equally well both as a window display or a wall mounted display. Many shops and businesses buy this type of display system to vastly improve the appearance of their shop window, which typically might have been using tape or Blu-tack to stick their advertisements to the window for many years.

Estate agent window displays need to present numerous property cards in a uniform manner. Cable wire systems such as these allow you to arrange your posters in rows and columns. The height of each individual acrylic sleeve is initially set during the installation but can easily be adjusted at any time.

Single Portrait Kits
Suspended poster displays - Single width portrait
Double Portrait Kits
Suspended poster displays - Double width portrait
Triple Portrait Kits
Suspended poster displays - Triple width portrait
Single Landscape Kits
Suspended poster displays - Single width landscape
Style - Double Landscape
Suspended poster displays - Double width landscape

Single width easy access poster holders ... vs Double & Triple width style

Advantages of double and triple width style

Disadvantages of double and triple width style

Removing & Replacing the poster advertisement

The paper can be changed very easily which takes only seconds, as illustrated using our A4 landscape double width pocket. (See photo above).

Simply flex apart the two acrylic faces and remove the poster by using one hand to pull back the rear acrylic face, whilst at the same time using the other hand to grab the poster and slide it out of the sleeve.

Display mounting options

The cables themselves always hang vertically. However, the cable kit end fixings can either be mounted vertically orientated or at any angle from 0 degrees to approximately 135 (45 degrees past horizontal) degrees via our optional wall mounted fixings.

  1. Floor to ceiling
  2. Wall to wall
  3. Ceiling to wall
  4. Floor to wall
  5. Angled example
Estate agent wall mounted poster display kits
Estate agent window / wall mounted cable display system presenting properties for sale
Shop window display pockets in sweet shop
Shop window using A3 landscape acrylic pockets for advertising sweets
Window display hanging posters - Cable system
Window hanging suspended posters using A4 portrait acrylic sleeves to advertise coach tours
Wire suspended poster holders - In home stairway
Wire display system mounted in a house stairway against the wall to present family photos