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Necklace - Chain - Earring & Stud Displays

Buying from the Manufacturer Is Awesome

Buy Directly from the Manufacturer (It Makes Perfect Sense)

Here at GTM Plastics Ltd, we manufacture a wide range of different jewellery displays. We purchase our acrylic sheet directly from Perspex Distribution here in the UK, which means that we receive the very best prices and quality available.

Miss out the middleman! We sell to everybody, but our biggest consumer market are end users, including small to medium-sized retail jewellery stores, and even silver smiths and gold smiths wanting to show off their hard work.

Quantity Discounts… Not Just Talking Pennies!

Bulk purchases are rewarded... None of this 5+, 25+, 50+ business – it makes little sense – there’s always an in between illogical break point, i.e. where a smaller quantity costs the same as the next quantity discounted price. We believe this is nonsense, which is why we’ve implemented our “Proportional” quantity discounts.

Product Range & Manufacturing Facilities

Necklace displays, chain displays, earring displays, stud displays, and much more! Choose from our standard range of colours, including clear, white, black, and frosted, and select from our range of different sizes. Or contact us if you have a bespoke requirement.

Jewellery displays are essentially just beautifully thought-out shapes that we machine from Perspex acrylic sheet, and then heat-form into the finished product. You too now have your hands on our manufacturing capabilities – our tools are your tools. You tell us what you want, and we’ll make it for you.

Necklace Displays
Necklace display jewellery stands
Chain Displays
Chain display jewellery stands
Earring Displays
Earring display jewellery stands
Stud Displays
Stud display jewellery stands