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LED Illuminated Poster Display Kits

Product overview

Magnetic opening light-pockets are used to display and illuminate posters. The wire suspended system can be mounted in your shop window, to an interior wall, or at various other suitable locations within the room. Wall mounted pockets with side-grip clamps are intended to be mounted either directly onto the wall or offset via a back-panel or backboard. Our freestanding sloping light pockets are ideal for placing on counters and tabletops.

Businesses and establishments of all types will benefit from using these displays because of the considerable visual impact they have due to their ultra-bright (high luminosity) and overall elegant appearance.

Suspended LED Light Pocket Kits
LED Window & wall mounted poster display - A4 Portrait 3x3
Wall Mounted Light Pockets
Wall mounted LED poster holder attached to a wooden backboard with side-grip clamps
Sloping LED Light Pockets
Free-standing sloping LED poster holder on a grey table
Available soon ... Please ask for details
Backlit translucent film
Removing translucent backlit film from a double-sided light pocket
Individual display parts
Individual parts used for LED Illuminated poster display systems
Installation Procedures
Tools required for assembling and installing LED display systems

Changing & displaying the poster

Flexible magnetic face-panels

  • Simply flex open the magnetically sealed acrylic panel to access the poster.
  • The face-panel itself is permanently attached to the bottom 1/3 of the lightbox main body.
  • The poster slides naturally upwards and to the side as it's removed.

Visible paper width & height

  • Example 1: A4 Portrait visible width = 204mm, visible height = 291mm
  • Example 2: A3 Landscape visible width = 414mm, visible height = 291mm

Our truly unique light-pocket design offers an almost uninterrupted viewing area of your printed designs. Thanks to extensive engineering research and development almost the entire width and height of your posters will be visible to your customers. Just 6mm (3mm per side) remains hidden from view.

Person removing film from LED lightbox when it's plugged in and illuminated
Removing translucent backlit film
A4 Double width lightbox plugged in and displaying posters
Double width LED poster display

Fabrication construction & Inspection

Manufacturing overview

Specially selected high-powered LED strips are embedded and concealed within the Perspex acrylic light panel centre body which forms the basis of the lightbox unit. Face panels, electrical wiring, and rubber bonding materials are Intricately fabricated onto the centre body with great care using a combination of semi-automated equipment and manual techniques. The finished light pockets are cleaned and polished immediately after being tested, which is all part of our rigorous inspection process.

Floor to ceiling mounted light pockets against an interior wall
Cable suspended single-sided LED pockets against a wall
LED pockets in a letting agent's window - looking left from inside the room
LED window display pockets in a letting agent's window