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Wall Mounted Frames & Poster Holders

Photo & poster frames ... Product overview

Our wall mounted acrylic frame displays are available in both metric and imperial sizes, ranging from A5 to A1 in our metric size range, and from 6x4 inches to 12x10 inches in our imperial range. We also manufacture custom size frame panels for customers that require sizes that are not listed as standard.

Professional photography, public events, and general advertising solutions, are just a few examples of the broad range of business sectors that can benefit from aesthetically well thought out point of sale displays. Our photo & poster frames are easy to assemble and a joy to observe and have helped all sorts of establishments and organisations prosper in many different environments.

We have a whole range of colour back-panels to choose from which produce an attractive colourful surrounding to your images and text. Customers often need non-standard panel sizes which we’re able to manufacture at astonishingly competitive prices.

Easy access poster holders ... Product overview

Have you ever wanted to improve the appearance of your internal wall displays with great ease and flexibility? Well, whether it be product details about items for sale, news and information about upcoming events, or an ever-changing menu in your company canteen, our easy access poster holders might well be the solution you’re looking for.

Perhaps you already have some old worn out scruffy looking wall displays that you’re sick and tired of seeing day in, day out, but feel the time and effort to change them is just too much for your busy working life. Consider the advantages of being able to change the poster insert as many times as you like without ever having to peel off or disassemble anything, whilst at the same time achieving an attractive and modern presentation.

Photo & poster frames
Wall mounted photo and poster frames which consist of acrylic panels and stand-off clamps
Easy access pockets
Wall mounted poster holder using stand-off clamps - displaying a poster

Photo & poster frames ... vs Easy access poster pockets

How to change your advertisement

To change the poster within the easy access pockets, you need to gently flex apart the acrylic faces using your fingers, and simply change the poster.

For the photo & poster frames however, you cannot change the poster in just a few seconds, because all four front caps need to be unscrewed from the clamp fixing's main body first. The paper or card needs to be carefully positioned between the panels, and whilst pinching them together the clamp front caps are screwed into the main body.

Advantages of easy access pockets.

Advantages of photo & poster frames.

Which display type should you choose?

Ultimately neither design is better than the other, and often you'll see each type being used in the same environment. We manufacture both designs in house and sell to customers from all types of professions and business sectors.

Fixing clamp assembly procedure

Our chrome and satin stand-off clamp body consists of two parts. The front smaller part which has a male thread screws into the rear part's female thread.

Mounting acrylic frame panels

You first need to mount the back part of all four clamps to the wall by drilling fixing holes and screwing the clamp backs in position. Next, carefully sandwich your photo/poster between the two acrylic panels whilst they're sitting horizontally. Finally, pinch the two panels firmly together, and at the same time offer them up against the back part of the clamps which are now fixed to the wall, and then screw in the fronts to complete the assembly.