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LED Window Displays: Window & wall mounted illuminated lightbox units
LED Light pockets suspended between cables - window & wall mounted installations
LED Light Pockets: Illuminated magnetically opening poster displays at night-time
Illuminated magnetically opening poster displays at night-time - hanging in various shop windows

Back-panel mounted - LED Light pockets

All the displays are available with a silver, frosted, black, or white acrylic back-panel, which is CNC machined and pre-drilled to ensure the light pockets line up perfectly with each other. The stand-off fixings are used to mount the whole display to the wall. Flex the magnetically sealed Perspex front panel to change the poster.

The supply wires at the display end are chained together to connect the pockets in parallel behind the back-panel. At the mains end the supply wires come from the display's power supply, which is plugged into a mains socket, travelling to meet up with the wires running from the display units, typically at a terminal block or junction box

Plastic covers or conduit can be used to conceal the wires, or alternatively you can chase groves into the wall, or even drill through to the other side if you have access - which becomes a convenient location for the PS. Relatively thin wires will be sufficient because our LED display systems have a very low current consumption.

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LED Wall Pockets - A4PT-SW-4PK

LED Wall Pockets - A4PT-SW-4PK
Price from: £231.71 (ex. VAT)

LED Wall Pockets - A4PT-SW-3PK

LED Wall Pockets - A4PT-SW-3PK
Price from: £179.62 (ex. VAT)

LED Wall Pockets - A4PT-A3LS-A4PT-SW

LED Wall Pockets - A4PT-A3LS-A4PT-SW
Price from: £205.20 (ex. VAT)