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LED BP Pockets - A4PT-SW-3PK

LED Wall pockets mounted via an acrylic back-panel - A4PT-SW-3PK
A person using their hands to remove backlit film from a light pocket


Ultra-bright wall mounted poster displays which have side-grip clamps, used to mount the pockets onto an acrylic back-panel which itself is mounted to the wall by using stand-off fixings.

You can select not to include the power supply if for example you already have one, or perhaps you're getting one from somewhere else.

The electric current consumption is listed in the table.

Magnetic opening lightbox main unit with flexible face-panels, which allow the posters to be changed easily.

Perspex GLUX lighting technology ensures maximum light refraction and energy efficiency.

Maximum viewing (only 3mm per edge loss) area of your printed designs.

  • Interior walls
  • Partition walls
  • Wooden backboards
Product Code: A4PT-SW-3PK-1PS
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Price £182.24 £178.52 £174.80 A4PT-SW-3PK
Product Details & Dimensions Measurement / weight
Total display width 1035mm
Total display height 435mm
Total display weight 6.034kg
Component List Quantity
Magnetic opening compartments 3 In total
Magnetic opening light-pockets 3
Clamps (pre-assembled) 12
Stand-off wall fixings 8
Acrylic back-panels 1
Total current 2.1A
LED driver (12V 5A 60W) 1