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Hook-on Poster Display Kit - 2x4


Simply lift the acrylic poster holders from the bars and swap them around.

Remove them from the bars and change the poster whilst sitting at your desk.

Purchase a mixture of two sizes from the size range selection options drop-down to have different 'A' sizes hanging from each row.

  • Interchangeable posters from window to wall mounted display.
  • Adjustable bar height of the independent rows of pockets.
  • Bespoke formed acrylic hook sizes manufactured to order.
Product Code: HK-8A4-0A3-2x4
Enter Quantity: Price £81.60 (ex. VAT)
Product Details & Dimensions Measurement / weight
Display width / rod length 495mm
Minimum height required 140mm
Initial cable length 4000mm
Total display weight 3.440kg
Component List Quantity
Portrait hook-on pockets 8
Landscape hook-on pockets 0
Hanging cable kits 2
Cable to rod clamps 8
Horizontal rod/bars 4
Wall mounted fixings 0