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LED Illuminated Poster Display Kits

Product overview

LED magnetic opening light-pockets are used to display and illuminate posters. They can be mounted in your shop window, to an interior wall, or at various other suitable locations within the room. They're often considered to be the posh alternative to the regular non-lit wire suspended poster display systems.

Estate agents use them to present properties for sale to potential buyers. Businesses and establishments of all types will benefit from using these displays because of the considerable visual impact they have due to their ultra-bright (high luminosity) and overall elegant appearance.

Light Pocket Kits - Portrait
LED Window & wall poster display - 3x3 Portrait
Light Pocket Kits - Landscape
LED Window & wall poster display - 1x3 Landscape
Backlit translucent film
Removing translucent backlit film from a double-sided light pocket

When should I choose single-sided?

Single-sided design

Double-sided design

Single-sided lightbox units mounted against the wall in a reception
Single-sided lightbox units mounted against the wall, but by using the floor to ceiling fixing options.
LED pockets in a letting agent's window - looking left from inside the room
Letting agent window double-sided LED light-pocket display.

Multiple width lightbox designs

1 Single compartment wide

2 or 3 Compartments wide

Illustrations of estate agent’s property cards

Estate agent’s properties for sale being presented in our various illuminated light-pocket display units. Other common uses include travel agent windows, beauty salons, bars and restaurants. It’s somewhat of a misnomer to assign any market sector’s name to our cable display systems as their actual name for the product. We’ve included several photos which show different applications including a wall mounted display in joinery firm’s reception, and a yacht broker’s window display.

Single width portrait LED pocket
Single width PT LED pocket
Double width portrait LED pocket
Double width PT LED pocket
Triple width portrait LED pocket
Triple width PT LED pocket
Single width landscape LED pocket
Single width LS LED pocket
Double width landscape LED pocket
Double width LS LED pocket

Changing & displaying the poster

Flexible magnetic face-panels

  • Simply flex open the magnetically sealed acrylic panel to access the poster.
  • The face-panel itself is permanently attached to the bottom 1/3 of the lightbox main body.
  • The poster slides naturally upwards and to the side as it's removed.

Visible paper width & height

  • Example 1: A4 Portrait visible width = 204mm, visible height = 291mm
  • Example 2: A3 Landscape visible width = 414mm, visible height = 291mm

Our truly unique light-pocket design offers an almost uninterrupted viewing area of your printed designs. Thanks to extensive engineering research and development almost the entire width and height of your posters will be visible to your customers. Just 6mm (3mm per side) remains hidden from view.

Person removing film from LED lightbox when it's plugged in and illuminated
Removing film from LED lightbox
A4 Double width lightbox plugged in and displaying posters
Nearly 100% visible poster area

Display mounting options

Horizontal & Vertical combinations

The cable wires themselves always hang vertically. However, the cable kit end fixings can either be mounted vertically orientated or at any angle from 0 degrees to approximately 135 (45 degrees past horizontal) degrees via our optional wall mounted fixings.

  1. Floor to ceiling
  2. Wall to wall
  3. Ceiling to wall
  4. Floor to wall
  5. Angled example
Cable display system mounting options

Translucent backlit film ... vs Ordinary paper

Translucent backlit film

Regarding the special paper, funny enough many people aren’t even aware of it, and it isn’t actually paper since the main substance is Polyester which produces a thin high-quality plastic film.

Translucent means partially transparent, so not 100% clear and not 100% opaque. The print quality is equivalent to using glossy photo paper in terms of how strong and defined the various colour inks, dyes and pigments bond to the surface. We stock A4 and A3 film for both inkjet and laser printers. Printing sizes A2 and upwards is usually considered to be large format printing that specialised companies are better equipped for.

The LED window displays in the photos both use our A3 landscape backlit film. (The film can be printed on using an ordinary office printer).

  • High quality print with vibrant colours
  • Maximum light penetration results in super bright images

Ordinary paper (always print on thin sheets)

Ordinary paper is a realistic and good alternative to the rather more expensive backlit film. It’s extremely important to use only the thinnest paper available which will let more light through the thinner it is. Consider that normal paper is made from “wood pulp” compared to translucent film which is made from Polyester (a type of plastic).

It stands to reason that a thick enough sheet of wood pulp (paper) won’t let any light pass through at all, whereas if it’s extremely thin light passes through quite easily. Polyester plastic (backlit film) lets light pass through similar to glass because it’s partially transparent due to its molecular structure, and therefore thicker vs thinner sheets makes almost no difference at all.

Conveniently most supermarkets sell (in particular A4 size) large packs of thin cheap paper which is ideal when having decided to use ordinary regular paper as an alternative to translucent film.

The unprinted paper trick!

If you're using double-sided light-pockets but not displaying a printed poster in the rear sleeve, always remember to insert one blank (non-printed) sheet into the rear sleeve to maximise the amount of light that passes through the printed poster. Important note: The blank sheet can just be ordinary paper which works very well for this purpose.

Explanation: Translucent film (or a sheet of thin paper) lets approximately 65% of the light pass through whilst reflecting (and/or emitting) the remaining light. Placing a poster in both sides is beneficial simply because the light reflected from each sheet passes through the other, which would otherwise escape into the room having served no purpose.

Illuminated backlit film placed within single-sided light-pockets being displayed in a yacht broker's window
Appreciate the full impact of our backlit film which is used for illuminated graphics, rivalling Duratrans and other top name brands.
LED Pockets with illuminated borders in a letting agent's window
The bevelled edge border can have its super bright prominent side facing inwards or outwards from your shop window, whichever you prefer.

Power supplies ... Electrical connections ... Manufacturing Process

LED Drivers (Transformers)

The default power supply provided with all our display kits is a 12V 5A (60W) DC transformer (sometimes called an LED Driver) which comes with a 2-year warranty. Additionally, we have 12V 7.5A drivers available which are better suited for connecting multiple displays in parallel.

The two display drops of three - LED illuminated A3 landscape displays in the photo can be powered from a single 12V 7.5A driver.

  • PS body has fixing lugs which make it easy to mount
  • The discrete thin white wires are easily concealed
  • Connect multiple displays in parallel where preferred
  • Add additional lightbox units to an existing display

Standard mains plug & conductive cables

The power supply has a standard UK three pin mains plug at one end which plugs into the mains socket on your wall as usual, and a 12V positive and negative terminal connector at the other end. The photos to the right show the fixings attached to the bottom recess of the estate agent's window display.

The 12V connectors are most often attached to the very bottom of the cable wires where the bottom cable fixings are mounted to the floor or window recess, but they can instead be attached at the ceiling end which requires either mounting the PS against the wall high up, or placing the PS within the attic area if you have access.

Magically! the system doesn’t require having electrical wires feeding power to each display unit. Instead the low voltage electric current flows up and down the cables which are being used to suspend the units. The power then accesses the embedded LEDs via the clamps which attach the units in position between the cables.

Fabrication construction & Inspection

Specially selected high-powered LED strips are embedded and concealed within the Perspex acrylic light panel centre body which forms the basis of the lightbox unit. Face panels, electrical wiring, and rubber bonding materials are Intricately fabricated onto the centre body with great care using a combination of semi-automated equipment and manual techniques. The finished light pockets are cleaned and polished immediately after being tested, which is all part of our rigorous inspection process.

Light pockets in an estate agent window - street view at night-time
A3 Landscape LED poster display in an estate agent window. 6 lightbox units powered by 1 x 12V 7.5A power supply.