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Cable Suspended Window & Wall Poster Displays: LED Illuminated & Non-lit regular poster displays
Frame Displays: Wall mounted photo and poster - acrylic panel sandwich style
Cube Display Systems: Flat-pack and free standing stackable cubes

LED Light Pocket Displays - Perspex GLUX Lighting Technology

Worldwide we're now one of the most established “LED Light Box” manufacturing companies, delivering to Europe and to numerous other countries globally. We specialise in a wide range of sign hanging and cable display board systems. Our distinguished and unique brand is designed with aesthetics, super powerful illumination, durability and affordability in mind. Price is often an issue when it comes to sophisticated high-end products such as these, but we’ve succeeded without compromising with respect to providing: High specification parts and materials, precise manufacturing tolerances, carefully monitored quality control, our guarantee you won’t be disappointed, and even a two year warranty on the LED driver unit.

LED Poster Display - 3x3 PT
LED Poster Display - 2x3 PT
LED Poster Display - 1x2 LS
LED Poster Display - 2x4 LS

Illuminated Window Posters - Changing The Advertisement

Our most high-end prestigious product range yet, designed and manufactured completely in-house. Estate agent window displays are undoubtedly the most common application for this type of display system, although they’re broadly used in almost every market sector. It’s the carefully thought-out aspects to our light pocket design that make them unique and stand out from many others on the market today. The main unit (sometimes referred to as a lightbox or illuminated LED pocket) utilises the most advanced light distribution technology available and is constructed using durable high specification materials and extremely bright long lasting top-of-the-range LEDs. Dazzling Illumination is what you’ll see!

Regular Non-lit Poster Pockets

The most practical and sought-after cable display systems on the market all utilise wire rope which spans vertically under tension. Whether it be window or wall mounted Non-lit poster displays, freestanding aluminium surround supported posters, ceiling hanging signs, or cable suspended acrylic or glass shelving, they all work based on using the same fundamental wire and clamp support method.

Poster Display - 4x3 PT DW
Poster Display - 3x4 PT TW
Poster Display - 2x4 LS DW

Photo & Poster Frames - Wall Mounted Easy Access Pockets

Acrylic frame panels

Sandwich displays (not food), but the terminology used to describe the simple but effective way to trap and secure photos, posters, leaflets, or any single sheet printed literature between two acrylic panels. The so-called sandwich is attached to the wall using stand-off clamps which enhance the overall appearance by projecting the display a small distance away from the wall. Colour back-panels provide a beautiful contrasting outer border as opposed to the default clear acrylic alternative.

Wall Mounted Literature Dispensers

A supermarket classic! Everywhere you turn you’ll find these mainly because they’re purpose is to serve the public with invaluable information to take home and read, which is facilitated by the front mounted dispenser sections. Various colour back-panel and layout options available.