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Snap Frame Displays Explained

1) Wall mounted snap-frames comparison

Standard snap-frames: We have four main categories and various design options within them as listed below.

  • Low cost 15mm profile snap-frames
  • Popular 25mm profile in various colours
  • Stylish 25mm profile with rounded corners
  • Large 32mm profile for a strong visual impact
Wall Mounted Low Cost Silver Snap Frames Wall Mounted Snap Frames In Various Colours Wall Mounted Snap Frames With Rounded Corners Wall Mounted Large 32mm Profile Snap Frames
Snap-frames with mitred and rounded corners. Available in various colours and profiles.

Economy snap-frames: We have one main category which consists of four different sizes. The main advantages are stated below.

  • Ultra low cost design equals affordability
  • Simple and yet stylish elegant appearance
  • Very quick and easy to mount onto the wall
  • Eye-catching to new prospective customers
Wall Mounted Economy Snap Frames - Back Panel Not Required Wall Mounted Economy Snap Frame Design Detail
Economy snap-frames which don't require a back-panel. Available in sizes: A4, A3, A2 and A1.

Security snap-frames: Our security snap-frames are available in four different sizes. Some of the main benefits are listed below.

  • Anti-theft deterrent design for peace of mind
  • Special security opening tool required for poster changes
  • Strong robust high strength aluminium spring loaded profile
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use in all weather conditions
Wall Mounted Security Anti-theft Snap Frames Wall Mounted Security Snap Frame Opening Tool Operation Wall Mounted Security Snap Frame Plastic Opening Tool
Security snap-frames which require the use of our special opening tool to change the poster. Available in sizes: A4, A3, A2 and A1.

Lockable snap-frames: Lockable snap-frames are the ultimate in providing maximum added security. We stock four different sizes as standard. Some of the key features are detailed below.

  • Sequential locking opening/closing highly secure frame
  • Very strong and rigid substantial aluminium profile section
  • Designed and intended for outdoor use in exposed environments
  • Requires the specific and correct size Allen-key to gain access
Wall Mounted Lockable Snap Frames Via Allen-key Access Wall Mounted Lockable Snap Frame Allen-key Operation
Lockable snap-frames which are opened and closed by using the specific size Allen-key. Available in sizes: A4, A3, A2 and A1.

2) Countertop/freestanding) & wall mounted multipurpose snap-frames

Free standing place anywhere snap-frames: We have two sizes each of which is available in a choice of three different colours. We have aluminium in black or silver, and a wooden frame option which has a traditional wood colour. The main features are outlined below.

  • Versatile main body with optional wall mounting fixings included
  • Adjustable support bracket to enable portrait or landscape orientations
  • Suitable for any flat surface thanks to their simple but effective unique portable design
  • Contemporary stylish and attractive construction that will attract new potential customers
Empty Free Standing Countertop Silver Snap Frame Free Standing Countertop Snap Frame Displaying Poster Wooden Free Standing Countertop Snap Frame Displaying Poster Countertop Snap Frames Displayed In Shop Premises
Free standing countertop/tabletop snap-frames available with aluminium or wooden profiles in a variety of different colours. Available in sizes A5 and A4 only.

3) Floor standing fixed and adjustable snap-frames

Fixed economy and sophisticated adjustable designs: You can place these anywhere you like, and you can swivel the head to change the orientation as required. They’re lightweight and mobile which makes them perfect for moving from one location to another. Place them in your porch for a general welcoming, or next to your latest product line for more selective sales promotions.

  • Warrantee against mechanical wear and tear
  • Ergonomic control operation for all employees
  • Time saving quick action adjustment settings
Mobile fixed height floor standing snap-frame Mobile fixed height floor standing snap-frame orientation adjustment Mobile adjustable height floor standing snap-frame Mobile adjustable height floor standing snap-frame orientation adjustment
High-street stores often use these display stands to promote big name brands. Furniture and household domestic products are typical examples.

4) Cable suspended snap-frames

Adjustable height snap-frames for window displays: Wire spans from your floor to your ceiling under tension (or top and bottom window recesses). The snap-frames are suspended between the lengths of wire by using special spring loaded fixings. Each individual frame can be positioned independently at different heights to one another between the cables.

  • Attract people from the street into your shop
  • Large scale wall mounted layouts without using screws
  • Impressive impactive borders surround your posters
Suspended snap-frames for window and wall mounted displays Cable suspended snap-frame sliding fixing assembly Cable stopper used to lock suspended snap-frames in position Photo showing snap-frame cable stopper components
Cable display systems are used in all sorts of ways for advertising purposes, but you won't find many companies that have adapted and combined them with traditional style snap-frames to work together as we have.

In the following section we take a look into some of the key areas relating to our snap-frame displays

SNAP-FRAMES GENERAL --- Applies To All Snap-Frame Types --- View Product Range

  1. Each snap-frame arrives individually boxed, complete with screws, plastic plugs, and assembly instructions.
  2. The designs aren’t dependent on orientation (apart from the cable suspended type) which means they're equally well suited for displaying both portrait and landscape printed designs. The frame is pre-drilled for both orientations which makes mounting the snap frame a quick and easy process which only takes several minutes to complete.
  3. The clamping action of the pivoting snap section combined with the soft gentle contrast of the anti-glare cover sheets secure your poster in place to produce a very smart contemporary stylish looking display.
  4. Our snap frames are designed to hide the screws and hinged mechanisms from view once your poster is locked into the frame, which is all just part of their elegant design.
  5. They're suitable for displaying your posters indoors and outdoors in all weather conditions. For outdoor use we recommend using waterproof printing paper which also has the advantage of being less likely to crumple or tear.


Small keyholes are preformed into the rear face of the frames which enable all the variations to be wall mounted. Compared to ordinary clearance holes, keyholes make it possible to mount your display so that it’s removable from the wall without loosening the screws, or even opening the frame, which is accomplished by only partially tightening the screws in the first place.


Our standard snap-frames consist of four different distinctive styles, each offering something different in appearance. All designs work by relying on the same fundamental extruded aluminium profiles, but we’ve provided you with a choice which includes different shaped cross-sections (called profiles), different shaped corners, narrow, wide and different colour profiles.


Unlike our other snap-frames this special and unique design doesn't require a back-panel. The frame is designed to take advantage of the flat wall or solid surface which it's being mounted to which acts as a substitute for the back-panel.


Featuring a specially designed high tension snapping action this snap-frame ensures that access to the poster which is secured inside the frame is only available to people that possess the special opening tool.


The profile on each of the four sides which snap into their closed positions are closed sequentially. When mounted as a portrait display this involves starting from one side, then the top, then the opposite side, and finally the bottom.

The functionality of this sequential procedure is achieved by having small overlapping sections at each corner concealed within the profile. After the bottom section is locked closed by tightening the small screw, the other three sides cannot be snapped open. To change your printed advertisement you need to unscrew the small locking screw and unsnap the profile of all four sides in the reverse order.


They can be used as a freestanding display or they can be wall mounted by using the optional screws and plastic plugs provided.

When used as a countertop display the clip-in support can easily be re-positioned at 90 degrees which makes it possible to switch between displaying portrait and landscape posters.


These display stands are supplied as flat-pack kits and arrive complete with everything you need, including the stylish silver profile snap-frame, the upright aluminium leg, the base which supports the leg, and all the screws and fixings required to assemble the display.

The high density polystyrene base has a concealed strong steel plate on the underside which provides maximum rigidity and stability. The base is attached to the silver anodised aluminium leg by using small fixing screws from underneath which remain hidden from view by the elegant stylish design of the base top.


To set the orientation of the snap-frame you simply loosen the small locking clamp by hand, rotate the frame to its intended orientation, and re-tighten the clamp.


This is our prestigious and versatile floor standing snap-frame display which has adjustable height and tilt mechanisms that provide full control over the height and viewing angle of your poster which is snapped securely into the contemporary silver frame.

The telescopic leg consists of a top/inner and bottom/outer section. There is a small finger operated lever at the top of the bottom section which in its open position allows the inner section to slide up and down. When the snap-frame is at the height you desire you simply move the lever to its closed/locked position.

The orientation is set via the cleverly designed rotating ball joint assembly at the top of the leg’s inner section. There’s a large hand operated locking fixing which has knurled serrations that make it easy to grip, which you unscrew a few turns to allow the orientation to be changed. The way the mechanical ball joint works is such that the orientation of the snap-frame and the base are always the same which adds visual consistency to the style of the display.

CABLE SUSPENDED SNAP-FRAMES --- Assembling The Parts Together

The main snap-frame display unit itself is incredibly robust. It has a 25mm snapping profile/frame on each side of the display which means you can insert two separate pieces of paper or card, one on either side.

Cable Assembly Procedure Overview:

To attach the top end of each cable kit to the ceiling you first need to mark-out the hole position and drill a small pilot hole for the fixing screw. Next, the cable kit’s top fixing assembly needs attaching to the ceiling which is achieved by unscrewing the inner fixing from the outer fixing, screwing the inner fixing to the ceiling using the self-tapping screw and plastic plug provided, and screwing the outer fixing back onto the inner fixing which secures the cable via the crimped nipple at the cable end. Attaching the bottom end to the floor follows a similar logic, but involves the additional process of setting the cable length.

Snap-Frame To Cable Mounting Procedure:

At the top of the frame there are two pre-drilled threaded holes which the two cable stoppers screw into. At the bottom of the frame are two more threaded holes which the cable trims screw into. The cable stoppers are used to suspend the frame between the cables. The inner spring loaded gripping mechanism of each stopper is pressed inwards to allow the cables to pass through and continue downwards towards the floor. The cables run through the centre of the frame's body which means within this region the cables remain hidden from view. After the spring loaded gripping mechanisms are released the snap-frame becomes locked and secured to the cables at your chosen height.


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