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Rod Display Systems Explained

1) Window and wall mounted cable & rod hook-on pocket - poster display kits

We have three category sizes available within our range of preconfigured layouts. Each category contains two poster pocket sizes. The portrait display kits are listed 1st within each category, and the landscape display kits are listed afterwards. All of the hook-on pockets within a particular category have the same height, but the landscape pockets are twice the width of the portrait pockets. We are able to supply custom size rod lengths and manufacture acrylic hook-on pockets to suit, which is useful to customers that require non-standard sizes.

What are window and wall mounted cable & rod hook-on pocket - poster display kits?

Ultimately they're very similar to our "window and wall mounted cable - poster display kits" with regards to their overall size and purpose. Both display systems are designed to display various size poster inserts which are placed into the acrylic sleeves to advertise to your customers. However, there is a significant difference!

Difference 1) Our hook-on easy access poster pockets have small "U" shaped hook sections at the top of the front face which allow them to hang from our 6mm diameter stainless steel rod/bar, whereas our cable display pockets have a flange on the left and right side which are used to attach them between the cables via our chrome and satin mini clamps. To remove and replace the paper/card insert from the hook-on pocket acrylic sleeve takes just a few seconds, the same as it does for all of our poster holders, but unlike our cable display pockets, these hook-on pockets can be lifted off the bar and taken back to your desk for convenience if preferred.

Difference 2) As described above, our hook-on poster holders hang freely in position as opposed to being fixed by clamps like our cable display pockets are. This means you're able to swap the positions of hook-on pockets which are the same size, or even mix and match different size pockets which have different orientations, providing they're compatible. Example: Two A4 portrait pockets can be swapped/interchanged for one A3 landscape, or two A5 portrait can be exchanged for one A4 landscape. So this means you can completely change the arrangement of your window or wall mounted advertisements by moving the display holders from one position to another, without actually removing/changing the advertisements from the acrylic sleeve.

Exploded view of chrome cable kit, cut very short for this photographic illustration:

Cable Display Kit

The smaller fixing shown on the left attaches to the ceiling, or the top end of the display when being wall mounted. The larger fixing shown on the right attaches to the floor, or the bottom end when wall mounted. The adjustable nipple in the larger fixing is locked in position at the end of the cable via its grub-screws, after cutting the cable to the correct length. The last stage of fitting the cable kits is to screw the outer body of the bottom fixing back onto its inner body, and after that is done, the cable will have become taut by the spring.

Floor to ceiling and wall mounted fixing options:

Cable Kit Optional Wall Mounts

  1. Floor to ceiling fixing
  2. Wall to ceiling fixing
  3. Wall to floor fixing
  4. Wall to wall fixing

The cables themselves always hang vertically. However, the cable kit end fixings can either be mounted vertically orientated, or at any angle from 0 degrees to approximately 135 (45 degrees past horizontal) degrees via our optional wall mounted fixings shown above.

Stainless steel bar, cable to rod clamps and Rubber end caps:

Steel Bar - Cable To Rod Clamps & End Cap

The cable-to-rod clamps are used to attach the lengths of steel rod/bar to the cables.

The 1st stage is to attach the cable-to-rod clamps to the cables. For each clamp this involves removing the small grub-screw from the narrow slot, positioning the clamp such that the cable slides into the slot, rotating the clamp so that the horizontal hole which supports the rod is parallel/inline with the display, and finally reinserting and gently tightening the screw.

The 2nd stage is to slide the lengths of steel rod into the horizontal holes of the clamps. This is very easy to do, and when you're happy that the cables are equally spaced with respect to their positions at which they support the rod lengths via the clamps, you just need to gently tighten the other grub-screw in each clamp to lock the rod lengths in position (the other grub-screw is at 90 degrees to the horizontal hole which supports the rod, and is not visible in the photo above because it's on the underside of the clamp).

To conclude, please visit our websites photo gallery rod display systems page to see various examples of our customers displays.

2) Wall mounted rod hook-on pocket - poster display kits

To be completed. Website under development.


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