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LED Light Pockets Explained

1) Single VS double sided light pockets --- View Range

Do they work in the same way? Yes!

Double sided design: Allows a sheet of paper or backlit film to be inserted and displayed in both sides of the pocket.

Single sided design: Allows a poster to be inserted into the front face only. However, there is an opaque white Perspex acrylic panel fabricated onto the rear face. This white panel enhances the luminosity by reflecting the light emitted out of the rear face back through the front face. The same advantage can be achieved with the double sided type by always having a sheet of paper/film inserted into both sleeves (even if it’s a blank/unprinted sheet).

When should I choose single sided? If you require a wall mounted display the single sided option is the correct and obvious choice. If it’s a window display you need then you can choose either type, the main consideration being, do you want people to see advertisements from both sides of your shop window. The other consideration is cost! Single sided are less expensive.

2) Visible paper width & height

Our truly unique light pocket design offers an almost uninterrupted viewing area of you printed designs. Thanks to extensive engineering research and development almost the entire width and height of your posters will be visible to your customers. Just 6mm (3mm per side) remains hidden from view.

LED Light pocket visible paper width and height

Example 1: A4 Portrait visible width = 204mm, visible height = 291mm

Example 2: A3 Landscape visible width = 414mm, visible height = 291mm

3) Multiple-width pockets & Mounting options

Incredible savings can be made by using double or triple width pockets instead of single width. Choosing which type of LED lit pocket requires you to consider exactly the same comparison logic that applies to non-illuminated pockets.

Likewise the same logic applies to both types when considering whether or not you'll need to use our optional wall mounting fixings.

Both of these aspects have been explained quite thoroughly in our cable display systems user guide. Therefore please kindly refer to the relevant section for more information.

4) Lightbox main features

  1. Extremely bright top-of-the-range LED lights providing maximum luminosity, with an estimated life expectancy of over 60,000 hours.
  2. Super thin contemporary profile that looks stunning when viewed from any angle such as 45 degrees.
  3. Magnetic opening front and rear easy access acrylic panels which allow the poster to be changed in just a matter of seconds.
  4. Maximum visibility of both poster width and height resulting in only 6mm (3mm each side) being hidden behind the coloured border.
  5. Nanotech backlit light panel which uses molecular technology to provide a uniform and consistent spread of bright white light.
  6. Orientation size dependent compatibility meaning alternating 'A' sizes of opposite orientation can be suspended between the same two cables.

5) Changing the poster

There’s a magnetic front and rear (double sided only) face that flexes away from the light-panel centre body which provides easy access for changing the poster. It’s an incredibly easy task which takes only seconds to complete.

LED Light pocket visible paper width and height

6) Translucent backlit film

Regarding the special paper, funny enough many people aren’t even aware of it, and it isn’t actually paper since the main substance is polyester which results in a thin high quality plastic film. Actually we consider this to be a crucial part because although normal paper will produce reasonable results, it won’t allow the light to shine through even half as much, and the colour definition of your printed advertisements will be enhanced enormously if you use the backlit film alternative.

How does this work you might wonder? Well basically there are two elements to the film, firstly it’s translucent which means partially transparent, so not 100% clear and not 100% opaque, and secondly it’s kind of equivalent to using glossy photo paper in terms of how strong and defined the various colour inks, dyes and pigments bond to the surface.Therefore it’s no surprise then that we have a selection of film to choose from for both inkjet and laser printers. We currently stock A4 and A3 as standard because most small to medium size estate agents print their own property advertisements, and printers of those two sizes are realistically affordable to businesses in general. Printing sizes A2 and upwards is usually considered to be large format printing that specialised companies are better equipped for.

7) Individual items available

All the items supplied within our preconfigured LED light pocket display kits are available to purchase separately at approximately proportional prices. This results in several advantages some of which are listed below:

  1. Expand existing display layouts by adding additional pockets.
  2. Design your own unique mix of displays not listed as standard.
  3. You’re not forced to buy the entire display system from ourselves.
  4. Parts which are accidentally damaged can be replaced on an individual basis.
  5. Multiple displays can be illuminated via a single PS (Caution! See section 9 below).

8) Manufacturing Construction Process

Specially selected high powered LED strips are embedded into the Perspex acrylic light panel centre body which forms the basis of the display. Face panels, electrical wiring, and rubber bonding materials are Intricately fabricated onto the centre body with great care using a combination of semi-automated equipment and manual techniques. The finished light pockets are cleaned and polished immediately after being tested, which is all part of our rigorous inspection process.

9) Electrical current & parallel wiring

Our LED light pockets are all 12 volts and should only ever be connected to a 12V power supply (PS). All of the individual LEDs within each pocket are connected in parallel. Likewise all the individual complete pockets are connected in parallel via the floor to ceiling cable kits. Thanks to this parallel connectivity it’s possible to power more than one display using only a single PS (Maximum PS current limitations should not be exceeded!).

Important Note! Only qualified and/or experience people with a sound understanding of electrical parallel wiring should undertake the task of constructing and connecting displays in parallel. If there’s any doubt whatsoever then you must consult a qualified person such as an electrician.

Current usage limitation guide (Other manufacturers current ratings will be different!)

LED Light Pocket (single or double sided) Product Code Current Draw Per Pocket
A4 Single width - Portrait ISP4-P-LED 0.65A
A4 Single width - Landscape ISP4-L-LED 0.65A
A3 Single width - Portrait ISP3-P-LED 0.95A
A3 Single width - Landscape ISP3-L-LED 0.95A
A2 Single width - Portrait ISP2-P-LED 1.40A
A2 Single width - Landscape ISP2-L-LED 1.40A
A1 Single width - Portrait ISP1-P-LED Coming soon
A1 Single width - Landscape ISP1-L-LED Coming soon
A4 Double width - Portrait IDP4-P-LED 1.05A
A4 Double width - Landscape IDP4-L-LED 1.20A
A4 Triple width - Portrait ITP4-P-LED 1.55A

10) Power supplies

The standard power supply provided within all our display kits is a 12V 6A (72W) DC transformer (sometimes called an LED Driver). This PS is also available to purchase from our individual category as stated in section 7. The following calculation demonstrates how multiple displays can be powered by one 6A PS:

Display 1 configuration: 1x3 A4 Portrait --- Current draw = 3 x 0.65A = 1.95A

Display 2 configuration: 1x4 A3 Landscape --- Current draw = 4 x 0.95A = 3.80A

Total current consumption = 1.95A + 3.80A = 5.75Amps (Caution! Refer to: Section 8 above)

11) Brief history

Date written: October 2016

Introduction: Many of our existing customers have been asking about LED illuminated light pockets, which as many of us already know are the significantly more expensive alternative to......... Wait for it....... The only type we’ve supplied so far!..... which is about to change!

For those of you that aren’t familiar with the history of the so called "Cable Window Displays” please read on, as I attempt to explain where this all began for us nearly 17 years ago.

Looking back in time: Many years ago in the beginning we started out as a POS acrylic display manufacturer and for a long time supplied only the acrylic pockets without offering the metal components used to suspend them. Sometime during 2009 we established our own manufacturing supply of cable display metal fixings and have been supplying the full package for approximately eight years to this present day.

GTM’s LED Illuminated Cable Pockets Arrive!

For the past six months due to their ever increasing popularity we’ve been seriously considering extending our existing product range to include the LED lightbox/light pocket version of our estate agent window displays, since this is something we feel has been missing for far too long now. After considerable overseas correspondence with numerous suppliers and after giving much thought into sourcing locally and the possibility of designing our own, we’ve finally produced several working prototypes, completed illuminous and electrical testing procedures, and are anticipating that our 1st two lines will be in production and ready for sale this month.


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