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LED Light Pockets Photo Gallery

1) In-House Photos

2) Customers Window Displays

3) Customers Wall Mounted Displays

Landscape Unilluminated Light Pocket Illustration With Prestigious Satin Clamps
We manufacture all our cable display systems in-house here in the UK!
A4 Landscape magnetic opening LED lightbox window display
The above double sided magnetic opening light pocket has a contemporary dark grey 17mm wide border. The visible viewing area of the A4 paper/film boasts a massive 291mm width x 204mm height.

A4 Double Width Light Pocket (Lightbox) Supporting 4 Sheets of Paper/Film
Photographed in bright sunlight to produce a true colour representation.
Double width double sided light pocket in half-light
The main body is constructed using the very latest rubber bonding materials and LED lighting technology. The super slim design has a total thickness of just 13mm. Simply insert two posters side by side into the double width sleeve on each side of the display.

Easy Access Magnetic Opening Front And Rear Panels For Changing The Poster
To remove the advertisement you simply flex the acrylic panel and slide it out.
LED Magnetic opening lightbox paper or film being removed
Thanks to the cutting-edge molecular technology you can see how bright the LED light-panel shines behind the backlit film printed advertisement.

To Aid This Photographic Illustration A Small Packer Was Placed Behind The Poster
The pocket's light panel centre body shines through the backlit translucent film.
Pocket's light panel centre body shining through backlit film
This photo was taken in the evening just before it became dark, as a compromise between daylight clarity versus the light intensity captured in darkness.

Yacht brokers LED Window Display Consisting of Three 1x2 A3 Landscape Kits
One power supply per kit is standard, or 1 PS for this entire display via parallel wiring.
Yacht brokers LED window display pockets using backlit film
Appreciate the full impact of our backlit film which is used for illuminated graphics, rivalling Duratrans and other top name brands.

Gowland White Sales & Letting Agent's Illuminated Window Display Pockets
Top-class state-of-the-art light pocket technology bringing your property displays to life.
Sales and letting agent's light pockets window display
Our customers prestigious and spectacular shopfront window display complete with all the trimmings, including GTM's unique lighting technology.

Gowland White's LED Light Pockets Viewed From Inside Their Premises
Darkness demonstration. Advertise properties to customers both inside and outside.
LED Light pocket prominent border illumination shown in darkness
The bevelled edge border can have its super bright prominent side facing inwards or outwards from your shop window, whichever you prefer.

The Light Emits Inwards Into Your Shop As Well As Outwards Into The Street
Internal view of Letting agent's LED window display
Magnificent photography which provides us with a rather special perspective showing the effectiveness of the beautiful and gentle glow of illumination.

Wall Mounted Single Sided LED Light Pockets In Situ
We're extremely proud to present this truly stunning photo of our customers display.
Wall mounted LED light pockets in reception
Our single sided light pockets are suitable for both window and wall mounted installations. On the rear side there's a white back-panel which helps maximise the light intensity by reflecting the unused light back through the translucent film or paper.

The Light Spreads Perfectly Even, Illuminating The Bevelled Edge Perimeter
Simply pry the front face away from its magnetic seal to exchange the poster insert.
LED pockets in reception - front view
Assembling your display requires an average DIY experience level. A handyman, friend or family member might be able to help if you're unsure. Using a professional shop-fitter is a practical and good solution in some instances.


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