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Cube Display Systems Explained

1) Flat-pack connector system

We have six categories in total each of which contains preconfigured cube display kits/layouts. Five of the six categories list acrylic cube display kits. The one remaining category lists glass cube display kits. There is a different panel size used within each category which means the overall display size will vary for any given preconfigured layout depending on the category.

Example: The overall size of our 3x3 cube display layout which uses 400mm square panels is 1/3 larger than our same 3x3 layout but which uses 300mm square panels.

What exactly is our cube display flat-pack connector system, and how does it work?

Our flat-pack connector system involves constructing a cube display by using acrylic or glass panels, two-way, three-way, and four-way connectors. The panels are supplied in polythene bags and bubble-wrapped together. The connectors are grouped together and supplied in polythene bags. Constructing your display is very easy to do, and simply requires you to use the appropriate connector at each intersection to join the panels together, starting at the bottom and working your way upwards.

The photo below shows one of our assembled 2x2 cube display kits:

2x2 Flat-Pack Cube Display

The individual items used to construct this display are listed below:

  1. 12 x Acrylic panels
  2. 8 x Two-way connectors
  3. 8 x Three-way connectors
  4. 2 x Four-way connectors

As you can see from the photo, the two-way connectors are used at the corners to join two panels together where they meet each other, the three-way connectors are used at the "T" junctions to join three panels, and the four-way connectors are used in the middle regions (just one in this instance) to join four panels.

Cube display panel, two-way, three-way, and four-way connectors:

Display Cube Panel & Connectors

The acrylic or glass panels slide into the jaws of the clamps and are secured in position by gently tightening the plastic screws. Incidentally, our 1x2 and 1x3 preconfigured layouts don't require any of the four-way connectors.

Optional back-panels: As standard our preconfigured cube display kits are all four sided, which means they're open at the front and back. Within each preconfigured product listing there is an optional back-panel set which is used to add a fifth side to each cube compartment within the display. If you would like to add a fifth side to one or more of the storage compartments, but not to all of them, then you can purchase the individual items required from our "Individual Cube Display Items" category.

Custom size acrylic panels: The flat-pack connector system that we're discussing here is extremely versatile, which means we can manufacture custom size square panels for customers that require nonstandard sizes, and custom size rectangular panels to produce cube compartments which have rectangular width, height, and depth ratios.

If you're feeling innovative and want to explore your creativity even further, you can even construct one of these cube displays by using a mixture of different size rectangular panels. The advantages and potential of this flexibility opens up further possibilities by allowing your display to have alternating columns and rows. Each individual column has its own independent width, whilst each individual row has its own independent height.

To conclude, please visit our websites photo gallery cube display systems page to see various examples of our customers displays.

2) Stackable display cubes

To be completed. Website under development.


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