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Cable Display Systems Explained

1) Window & Wall Mounted Poster Display Kits

What are window and wall mounted cable - poster display kits?

They're an assembly of acrylic poster sleeves, also known as easy access pockets, which are suspended in position between vertically hung cable kits. Each pocket is attached between the cables by using our chrome or satin mini clamps. Supplied flat-pack.

They're more commonly used as a window display, although they're designed and intended to be used equally well both as a window display or a wall mounted display.

Many shops and businesses buy this type of display system to vastly improve the appearance of their shop window, which typically might have been using tape or Blu-tack to stick their advertisements to the window for many years.

This type of display system is commonly used by estate agents, travel agents & beauty salons.

Purchase Preconfigured Display Kits: Select from a range of preconfigured window and wall mounted cable supported poster display kits. To view more photos please visit our photo gallery page!

Window & Wall mounted easy access poster display kits

Uniform Calculator: Used to create cable display layouts which consist of pockets of your chosen size, type, and orientation, with the whole display consisting of just that chosen pocket type only. Our preconfigured cable display kits also consist of just one pocket size, which you choose by selecting a particular subcategory. By using this calculator though, your display can consist of any number of columns and rows.

Drag & Drop Calculator: Used to create cable display layouts which consist of any combination of different size pockets to produce a mixed display. Again you can have any number of columns and rows.

Watch a short video showing how to design an A4PT & A3LS mixed display.

Screenshot of cable window display being designed

Single vs Double vs Triple Pockets

Cable/wire supported poster holder displaying one sheet of paper Cable/wire double poster holder displaying two prints side by side Cable/wire triple poster holder displaying three prints side by side

Double and triple width pocket advantages - compared to single pockets:

  1. Fewer metal fixings are required which means the cost of a particular display system can be substantially lower, especially for wider displays where significantly more fixings are used.
  2. Some people actually prefer the look of having fewer cables in their display. However some don’t, and therefore it’s entirely down to personal preference.

Double and triple width pocket disadvantages - compared to single pockets:

  1. They’re more expensive to replace.
  2. Multiple poster sleeves of an individual pocket can’t be used as separate independent columns. Example: Three 1x3 single width pocket display kits can each be assembled in a different window, whereas one 3x3 triple pocket display exists as one block of 9 and cannot be separated.
  3. There are no portrait or landscape alternatives which have the same width which means you can’t produce a mixed display between any two given cables.

Removing & Replacing The Poster Insert

The paper can easily be exchanged which takes only seconds as demonstrated using our A4 landscape double width pocket. (Click photo to zoom in).

Removing paper advertisement from easy access cable pocket

Simply pry apart the two acrylic faces and remove the poster insert by using one hand to pull back the rear acrylic face whilst at the same time using the other hand to grab the poster and slide it out of the sleeve.

Display Mounting Options

The cables themselves always hang vertically. However, the cable kit end fixings can either be mounted vertically orientated or at any angle from 0 degrees to approximately 135 (45 degrees past horizontal) degrees via our optional wall mounted fixings.

  1. Floor to ceiling
  2. Wall to wall
  3. Ceiling to wall
  4. Floor to wall
  5. Angled example

Choosing a suitable cable kit fixing method

2) Floor Standing Poster Display Kits

Suspending the poster holders, choosing between different pocket types, and changing the poster insert applies exactly the same to our floor standing displays described in this section as it does to the window and wall mounted displays described in the previous section.

Assembling the flat-pack kit:

Supplied flat-pack and includes all the items required to construct the display. It takes approximately 25 minutes to assemble.

Suspending different pocket sizes:

The height of the crossbars and horizontal alignment of the cables are fully adjustable allowing for many different pocket sizes and combinations.

Easy to move convenient portable design:

Solid robust design and substantial in weight which provides extra stability, and yet it's still extremely easy to move around and reposition as you desire.

The anodised aluminium frames are 2000mm high and are available as standard with 875mm or 1175mm wide crossbars. The crossbars can slide up or down the ‘T’ slot channel located on the inner side of the vertical uprights (all the way to the very bottom if desired) before locking them in position.

Freestanding cable supported poster display kit

Do you require a customised layout that’s not available within our standard product listings?

Not a problem. Please refer to our user guide table below to determine compatible poster holder configurations. The table contains the distance between cable centres and the heights of all our standard easy access pockets:

Pocket Type Width Portrait: Pitch, Height Landscape: Pitch, Height
A5 Single P=182mm, H=212mm P=343mm, H=150mm
A5 Double P=343mm, H=212mm P=465mm, H=150mm
A5 Triple P=504mm, H=212mm N/A
A4 Single P=243mm, H=300mm P=330mm, H=212mm
A4 Double P=465mm, H=300mm P=639mm, H=212mm
A4 Triple P=687mm, H=300mm N/A
A3 Single P=330mm, H=423mm P=453mm, H=300mm
A2 Single P=453mm, H=597mm P=627mm, H=423mm
A1 Single P=627mm, H=843mm P=873mm, H=597mm

3) Suspended Cable Display Shelving

Which is the better option acrylic or glass? How do they compare to each other?

Please refer to our suspended shelving parent category to read an invaluable discussion about the pros and cons of "Glass versus acrylic”. Article summary: To summarise glass has far greater rigidity at the expense of being significantly heavier and appreciably more expensive. Acrylic can easily be machined into custom sizes and different shapes making it an extremely popular choice. Interior walls and window displays are the two most common applications.

200 x 600 Hanging glass cable shelving system

Suitable ceiling fixing points are required with sufficient strength

Possibly the most important consideration is the strength of the ceiling that the shelving will be hanging from. The total weight in question acting on your ceiling will be divided by the number of cables.

Example of load calculation from the above photo:

1.92kg Each ~ 200 x 600 Glass shelves x 3

1.45kg Top shelf ~ Wine and bottle opener

8.77kg Middle shelf ~ Fruit bowl and pestle

2.13kg Bottom shelf ~ Bread and cheese

Total weight exerted = 18.11kg / 4 = 4.53kg per cable

Shelf clamp and cable end fixing photos

To assemble your display you need to first attach the floor to ceiling cable kits at the correct distance apart as explained within the installation instructions. The diameter of the top and bottom metal fixings is approximately 16mm, and the inner fitting is secured in place using a single coarse thread screw suitable for wood, thin metal and masonry (screws and plastic plugs are included).

Chrome clamp supporting 6mm thick glass shelves Spring tensioned cable kit attached to the floor

Next you need to attach the shelves between the cables. Start by first attaching all the clamps to the shelves. Then after removing the end screws you simply move the shelves into position and reinsert the screws. Various tips and techniques are listed throughout the installation manual included with your purchase.


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