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About Us

Why buy from GTM Plastics Ltd?

As manufacturers we're able to provide the very best value for money at incredibly competitive prices whilst consistently endeavouring to maintain our very high quality standards. Our company first started out in business in July 2000 and we've continued to develop our product range and increase our customer base ever since. Over the years we have produced various innovative POS display solutions, not least the development of our unique cable display system calculators which enable customers to create their own designs of wall mounted and window display layouts.

Custom sizes and bespoke designs:

Some customers require custom size variations of our existing products which in most cases we're able to manufacture. We can produce both custom size and bespoke design variations of all the acrylic and petg plastic products throughout our entire product range. We supply a whole range of metal fixing components which are used within our cable, rod, wall mounted, and cube display systems, which for relatively large quantities we're also able to supply size/design variations.

Please contact us with your product details so that we can provide you with a quotation. The information we require is listed below for both custom sizes and bespoke designs:

Custom sizes:

  1. For individual product items, e.g. slatwall tray, we require all dimensions including width (left to right), height (top to bottom), depth (front to back), and material thickness.
  2. Four our various display systems we require the X,Y layout, e.g. 9 columns wide x 4 rows high. We also need to know the panel (flat-pack cubes, or frame displays) or pocket (cable & rod) sizes, e.g. some unique pocket size that falls between A4 and A3, and whether that size is portrait or landscape in orientation. For display layouts which have different panel or pocket sizes within the same display (which we've quoted for before on many occasions), we need to know all the details.
  3. The quantities of each individual product or display system. If it's a custom size/layout display system you're enquiring about then it might be just 1 off that you require a price for, or several lots of that unique display.

Bespoke designs:

  1. Please provide any of the information which you decide is relevant from points 1, 2 and 3 above relating to the custom size requirements.
  2. In addition, whenever possible it's extremely helpful to provide two to three 2D drawings/sketches of your design, and/or preferably a 3D drawing/sketch. Please provide all the display's dimensions on your drawings, detailing the overall size, and for example any shapes and cut-outs within the design.
  3. The same as for custom sizes, please provide the quantities you require.

Where in the world we deliver to:

Our website is configured to process orders which are to be delivered to destinations all over the UK and Europe. We are able to deliver to various other destinations in the world, and would need to know which products and the quantities you would like to purchase, to enable us to provide shipping costs to you.

Customers sometimes contact us asking for a delivery to a UK address in preparation for their overseas travels, which often works out to be a very cost effective and practical solution.

To conclude, wherever you're based in the world, if you're unsure, then please contact us with your destination details, and we will endeavour to provide delivery options to you.


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