Floor To Ceiling Fixing Cable Kit - Satin

Floor To Ceiling Fixing Cable Kit - Satin

Sprung loaded cable kits used throughout our whole range of suspended display systems. The stainless steel cable is 1.5mm in diameter and has an initial length of 4 metres. The kit also includes the top and bottom special fixings, 2 plastic plugs, 2 fixing screws, and an Allen key.

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  • Each cable kit consists of a pre-assembled 1.5mm diameter 4 metre length of coiled wire, accompanied with all the top and bottom fixing components required as shown in the photos.

  • The initial 4 metre wire length can be cut down to any shorter length as described in the fitting instructions. Typically in the majority of cases somewhere between 2 to 3 metres becomes the determined length.

The outer body of both the top and bottom fixings measure approximately 16mm in diameter.

The vertical length of the top fixing is approximately 25mm when assembled.

The vertical length of the bottom fixing is approximately 75mm when assembled.

Please refer to this items parent product page to see a detailed description which explains about the functionality and setup/installation procedure.

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